Harry Gandhi

How we work together

For the last decade, I’ve been jumping over the lines of entrepreneurship (ie. being a founder or helping/backing founders). In my time with Velocity, Medella, Lab2Market, Innovation Boost Zone, Amplify Capital and 1517 Fund, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet these “edge-case” humans. They build things, they change the status quo, they traverse the unknown - and sometimes at the cost of their well-being.

My goal is to help these great humans continue to build great things, but without the downsides. For this, they'll need to develop new tools and learn a new set of skills. My goal is to be a fellow chaperone as they go through this development.


Who is this for?

I work with leaders who are creating a life of deeper meaning and connection - whether this is with your organization, your loved ones, or yourself. I bring together philosophy, neuroscience, and my operator/founder experience to help humans live to their fullest potential. This could come in the form of:

  1. Helping you clean the clutter in your mind.
  2. Building strategies to have richer connections.
  3. Pulling you out of vicious cycles, like burnout for example.
  4. Improving your relationship with your emotions.

While leaders come in all shapes and forms, I especially focus on working with people who are iconoclasts, who have maverick tendencies - the “square peg in round hole”-types.

While it’s important to distill who this is for, it’s also just as important to answer who this is not for. Simply put, this is not for the apathetic. If you are not interested nor curious in understanding yourself, this will almost certainly not work for you.

Who are you? Why can you help?

Hi, my name is Harry! I’ve spent the last decade jumping between running companies or helping those who run companies. Today, I back young people + renegade scientists via 1517 Fund - ranging from stem cells to fusion reactors.

There are tonnes of people who can help with the inner workings of a business, but there are very few who can help with the inner workings of the mind. And there are even fewer of us who have been operators or founders in the past. It’s this unique combination of being an operator/founder, coupled with my understanding of the human condition that allows me to do what I do.

How do I get started?

The first step is to figure out if this is the right fit for the both of us. Let’s jump on a call and chat about what you are going through and where you are looking for help. To get started, fill this form, and I’ll follow up with you within the next week.

How long will this process take?

Unlike therapists or executive coaches who want to work with you as long as possible, my goal is to have you stop working with me. While this sounds counter-intuitive, I am of the belief that if I am doing my job right, you should be able to develop good emotional and mental habits of your own - and will not need me as a result.

That being said, every human is different and thus, your needs will be different - so it’s hard to estimate whether this will take days, weeks, or months.

What’s the structure of the program?

I don’t provide structured programs. This is because I am believer in hyper-personalization. No two humans are the same, and as a result neither is their experience - so why offer a generic one-to-many program?

How much does it cost?

I start by having a free consultation (usually 30 mins) to understand you and if/how I can help. I am quite selective about who I work with. If both of us feel comfortable after the consultation, only then we move forward. From there, I charge $300 per session, with each session running for 45-60 mins.

Note: I want to make my coaching accessible. For those who can not afford my standard rate, I will reduce my price to $50 per session.

What if I am not getting the value I wanted?

I will only work with people who I can be helpful to - and my two biggest requirements are that you come in with an open mind, and that you come with an initiative to change (I will tell you more about this during our first call).

If you have the above mindset, I am confident that I can bring you value. But if the case that we don’t click, you can stop working with me at anytime - no hard feelings. 😊